Tattoos in The Modern World

A brief history of tattoos indicates that these tattoos have meant many things through the centuries. What do tattoo designs say nowadays, though, and why have these tattoos turn into so popular in the United States? In the past tattoos could represent royalty, riches, religious devotion, love, grieving, slave status, criminal status, and even elegance.

Nowadays these tattoos can mean the same things and even more. The global region also has a direct effect on the modern perspectives towards tattoos. In countries like India and the Philippines, tattoos have been treasured and liked.




In America and other North American places, tattoos are starting to be very popular as a form of own expression. Most of these markings are available in a pretty diverse range of subject matter and appearances.

Recently as 30-40 years back in the USA tattoos were considered a sign of incarceration or a criminal lifestyle. Only prison inmates, bikers, and other individuals who were on the fringe of equitable society used tattoos with pride. This has all alters and today tattoos accepted as a way of self-expression.

Younger generations have no idea of the history of tattoos, or of the reality that these symbols viewed as an indication of rebellion in America until not too far in the past.

These days tattoos commonly include hearts, flowers, insects including butterflies and ladybugs, pets, mythical animals just like unicorns and dragons, and even more. Hearts with the word Mom is still a popular choice for tattoos, but there is much more available today.

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