Tattoo Tips For First Timers

Here are 3 things you must know before getting inked for the first time.

1. Quality Counts – Get Inked Professionally. Many first time tattoos are designs that friends or less than professional tattoo artists have put on. These tattoos have huge regrets attached to them as they not only turn out badly, but over time they actually fade much quicker and turn into looking like a bad skin condition rather than an actual tattoo. Always go pro for your first time getting inked.

2. Do NOT Choose What Is “Trendy”. Many first timers will go for a design that is “in”. Some sort of style or design that everyone else has. This may be “cool” at the moment, but a few years from now it will likely be cheesy. Trendy tattoo styles or designs don’t stand the test of time. Don’t jump on the trendy bandwagon when it comes to your first time tattoo.

3. Avoid Names. Name tattoos should be reserved for future tattoos, with some exceptions. Getting names tattooed have a high level of regret attached to them, and as a first timer you want to avoid the regret factor. Once you get tattooed once or twice you become more familiar with ink and how it looks on your body. From there you can decide better on where a good name could be placed, or if you should get a name tattoo at all. If you are getting a tribute tattoo of someone, and that’s the only reason you are getting inked then this could be an exception. Here is a great source to find your favorite tattoo styles and ideas.

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