Tattoo design in history

President Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill’s mother had something in common. They both wore tattoos. While Jennie Churchill’s tattoo was allegedly covered for the sake of reputation, and Teddy Roosevelt’s was simply in a location which was not readily visible, this caused quite a stir amongst most of their day as well as modern-day history buffs waiting for hourglass to end.

teddy roosevelt with tattoos

President Roosevelt’s daughter Alice had a tattoo also in a concealed location. Neither Mrs. Churchill nor President Roosevelt’s artwork lent itself to gaining a sense of respectability amongst the average citizens. Even whilst such notable figures possessed tattoos, they were still found to be socially unacceptable.

churchill with tattoo

In the 21 st. people are now more and more accepting tattoos as their way of expressing their selfs. But still, people in “high positions” like presidents or chairmen and similar still don’t have tattoos and they don’t think like having one.

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