Daisy Tattoos

If your are thinking of expressing your self with a tattoo, don’t do anything foolish. Always have your tattoos done by licensed tattoo artists. Before you choose an artist, look at some of his previous work. If you don’t know anyone who has used him, he should have photos in his portfolio.


Celebrities get a lot of attention for their tattoos, but when it comes to aging you have to decide whether it’s something you want forever.

I have one Japanese tattoo names ebook to give away. If you want it just post a comment here using a real email address (the ebook will be sent to that email). At the end of the month I will choose the winner and email him/her the ebook.

Jessica Alba has a tattoo of a daisy with a Ladybird on the back of her neck, unfortunately I can’t find a picture of it. Do you have one?

Mythological stories are very much attractive for some people. The way those deities and gods play their roles in their abodes seems interesting. The things that are included in their daily lives make other individual want them to be part of their lives, too.

The women’s qualities only show that women are not weak in general. Now in the modern time, women are also capable of doing what men can do. In some ways, women and men can both have the same taste in other aspects of living. Women also share some men’s things even in fashion.

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