Nautical Tattoo Ideas and Meanings

Tattooing is a growing industry, and more and more people are choosing to get a tattoo. While many for a while had a negative opinion on anyone who had a tattoo, more people are now open to the idea of getting a tattoo themselves as it is becoming more mainstream.

There are several popular television shows focusing on tattoos and that industry. However, something you might not hear a whole lot about is tattoo meanings. If you are interested in tattoos there are a lot of tattoo websites with guides and how to do it, with a lot tattoo designs and galleries.

There are people who simply want to get a tattoo for the fun of it, but many people use a tattoo to describe who they are as a person or symbolize something important in their life.

The most used tattoos is the shooting Star. This tattoo meaning is all about marking something personal to you that have had an impact on our life, this can be a good or bad thing but it gives you a reference point on your body that will be a constant reminder of what has happened in the past.

In today’s hectic lifestyle it is so easy to get all wrapped up in what is happening now and for periods of time, we do not give a second thought for what has happened in the past. Of all the tattoo meanings this shooting star meaning is the most personal and individual one of the lot.

For all you lovers of rock, there is the Pentagram star tattoo meaning. The Five-pointed star which is another popular one made famous by all the horror films. Which is perfect for the pentagram star tattoo meaning as this star design has two defined meanings?

If the point is facing upwards to the heavens that mean safety and equilibrium but if the star is pointing down it signifies the underworld and a champion of the Devil and all it stands for. Do you have your own Star Tattoo Meaning?

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