14 Must Know Facts About Tattoos.

Here is a list with 14 interesting and amazing facts about tattoos that you didn’t know. Read them and share them.

myth tattoos

1. The award of the world highest altitude tattoo is awarded to Mr.Tommy Lee of Motley Crue. This tattoo was made in 2008 at an altitude of 45000 feet costing 150,000 dollars.

2. Shawn Clark, former soldier has names of 232 British soldiers killed during war with Afghanistan tattooed on his back.

3. People with antisocial personality disorders are believed to have more tattoos in more prominent areas of their bodies.

4. 4 percent consumers on average spend 1000 dollars on a tattoo.

5. 3 percent Americans believe that a tattoo makes them feel athletic.

6. 50 percent tattoos are not covered and are made visible to the public.

7. The belief that light-colored inks or white inks are painful is false.


8. Tattoo making is an art only if the person making the tattoos is a skilled artist.

9. Urine was used in the ink mixtures during the earlier days.

10. 5 percent Americans say that a tattoo makes them feel smarter.

11. Best tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not best.

12. You can ask questions only before getting a tattoo.

13. Women are two times more prone to have a tattoo removed as compared to men.

14. In ancient Rome and Greece, the tattoos were considered inhuman and were applied only on slaves and prisoners.


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